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The young fellows listen. I have spoken with hundreds of boys who have found it easier to steal than to work and have managed to save most of them from getting in bad. One of Johnny Keyes first actions after being re-elected Mayor was to throw a grand shindig at Tammany Hall, which he called the Chinatown Ball.

The expressed purpose of the events was to raise substantial cash, intended strictly for the pockets of Johnny Keyes, after he threw a few monetary bones to the Tammany Hall brass Keyes obviously got this idea from his mentor, the dearly departed Chuck Connors. There was said to be almost 1, guests at the ball, and the highlight of the night was a grand procession scheduled for 12 midnight, which was supposed to be led by the famous writer, Damon Runyon, a close friend of Johnny Keyes.

And by a. Keyes, in white georgette sheer silk embroidered in gold, was at his side, affecting one of the novelty Poiret dolls. Huge bouquets of American Beauty roses were the favors of the evening. When Runyon wrote his famous play, Guys and Dolls , one of the degenerate gambler characters, Nicely-Nicely Johnson, was based on my uncle, Johnny Keyes.

Besides being a savvy politician, Johnny Keyes fancied himself as somewhat of an entrepreneur, and an international one at that. In , with the backing of several prominent Chinese businessmen, Johnny Keyes traveled to the Canton region of China with several of his world-class fighters, including lightweight Pepper Martin, flyweight Mickey Nelson and bantamweight Terry Martin, ostensibly to teach the locals the refinements of boxing.

The idea of an American staging boxing matches in China was slapped down by Chinese officials. This act of Congress said that only Chinese laborers would be allowed to shuffle back and forth between China and the United States, and not too many of them, at that. As for the tens of thousands of dollars Keyes spent on his trip to China; which was, of course, the money of others, Keyes was again philosophical.

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Johnny Keyes in the middle of the cover of the Boxing Blade. Blog at WordPress. And the process is brutal. This is the actual review on Amazon. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It does so in the form of short stories, each chapter telling a different one. This was a good, straight-forward way to tell these stories, in my opinion, and they really seemed to have a lot of credibility.

Snakeheads are the worst human beings known to man. Was Scheduled to Lead March. Everybody had a wonderful time. Empty square bottles were everywhere. And Johnny Keyes made a mint.

Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television, Vol. 102

But, as usual, Johnny Keyes had his ulterior motives. Joe Bruno on the Mob. Germany If Productions. Dir: Oliver Haffner. An actress at a provincial community theatre gets fired.

Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television; Volume 82

Fresh off the stage, she finds herself at the local job centre, being forced to work together with seven hard-to-placeclients to rehearse the classic play Antigone. Dir: Ella Manzheeva. This androgynous lesbian writer and globetrotter casts a spell over everyone. Panorama Dokumente CineStar 7. Germany, France Arri Worldsales.

Dir: Tom Sommerlatte.

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Brothers David and Matthias have contrasting personalities. Games and plots about power and dominance with unforeseen consequences.

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Dir: Tonie van der Merwe. A South African western whose only white character is shot at the outset and which playfully adapts the genre to the new setting.

Forum Kino Arsenal 1. Australia Arclight. Dir: Robert Connolly. When year-old Dylan manages to throw one of his paper planes on an incredible flight he starts dreaming, with high hopes, of participating in the world championships.

De Siria a Siria

His friendship with a Japanese girl named Kimi helps him reach for the stars. Switzerland, Canada 60mins. Dir: Arvo Leo. France Outplay. Dir: Veronique Aubouy. An audition in Paris in. UK The Match Factory. Dir: Andrew Haigh.

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Kate is in the middle of preparations for her 45th wedding anniversary when a message pulls her husband back into the past, to a time before they loved one another. Competition Press only CinemaxX 7.

Forum Delphi Filmpalast. China, UK 86mins. Dir: Emyr ap Richard, Darhad Erdenibulag. South Africa Rushlake Media. Dir: Louis de Witt. US 90mins. Dir: Alex Ross Perry. Catherine and Virginia are best friends. One week together at a lakeside cabin — conversations, walks, verbal clashes, rising tensions. Henry Siduma. The film, which was shot under apartheid, was banned after only two screenings.

Forum Special Kino Arsenal 1. US, Germany Praxis Films. Dir: Laura Poitras. A story told in real time as Edward Snowden reveals himself to journalists and the world. Germany 71mins. Dir: Janina Herhoffer. What is it that people look for in the leisure activities they choose to undertake? By observing different recreational pursuits in a series of sustained shots, this documentary raises the question of how free our free time really is. France, Switzerland, Germany Films Boutique. Dir: Jean-Gabriel Periot. Made from archive material, this portrait of an era examines the radicalisation of Red Army Faction founders Meinhof, Mahler, Baader, Meins and Ensslin, and the official reaction to them.

With footage from the first students of dffb Berlin.

  • Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television; Volume 82.
  • Contemporary Theatre, Film and Television; Volume 82.
  • The Road North: Tales of An Urban Sourdough.
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Dir: Wim Wenders. Berlin, two years before the fall of the wall. The guardian angel Damiel falls in love with Marion, a trapeze artist. He gives up his immortality for her and becomes a human. This experimental documentary contrasts the daily life of a nanny in buzzing Berlin with the tranquil existence of a group of pensioners in provincial Poland. A reflection on female biographies that draws a line between the beginning of life and its end. Forum Akademie der Kunste Hanseatenweg. Dir: Gabriel Ripstein. Iran, France 88mins. Dir: Hamed Rajabi. Pregnant Nahal learns that her baby has died.

When she wants to talk about it, her family will not give her a chance to speak. Adopting unexpectedly anarchic methods, she begins a longoverdue rebellion against her repressive environment. Panorama CineStar 3.